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STEM Career Comic Books!

It has been My Dream to create a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) Career Comics for kids. "David,  Software Engineer" is a story about a middle school kid (and his friends) and his journey to become a software engineer. Along with telling an engaging story, this comic provides career-related information about Software Engineering and identifies the middle and high school classes needed to start the journey. There is not another resource on the market like it.

In return for your name and email address you will receive the free report entitled, "STEM Motivation Through Comics".

"STEM Motivation Through Comics" will:
  • Explain the power of comics with students
  • Explain the challenge of getting students motivated in STEM
  • Explain how Lifestyle Learning Comics (and curriculum) is positioned to expose and stimulate interest in STEM
What Parents are saying...
"I think it gives kids opportunities to engage in subjects that kids usually shun because of whatever reason."